Sunday, November 27, 2016

Asbestos in Outdoor Areas can Endanger People and Halt Projects

Asbestos in dirt piles can slow progress on construction projects and roadwork.
While people typically think of asbestos as an indoor contaminant within houses, apartment buildings and other structures, this dangerous and toxic substance can contaminate public spaces such as parks, roadways and vacant lots, posing dangers to the public and slowing progress on construction projects and other endeavors. Asbestos, a naturally-occurring compound that people have mined and used for millenia because of its beneficial properties, including fire resistance, sound proofing and insulation, can cause severe health problems for people exposed to it. Asbestos on work sites across South Florida can imperil the health of workers and cause costly delays to construction projects, including roadwork. Leading firms in South Florida that offer asbestos removal miami services can clear asbestos from construction sites and other outdoor areas, making it less dangerous for people to work on site.

Asbestos can contaminate soil as well as bodies of water due to various causes. Construction sites that sit on land formerly used by some industries that heavily used asbestos, such as shipbuilding, may have concentrations of the substance in the soil. Unfortunately, some places have become contaminated by asbestos due to illegal dumping of the material or improper disposal of asbestos. Whatever the reason for asbestos contamination, top asbestos abatement companies across the area can help contractors, property owners and property managers in Fort Lauderdale and other Broward County locations properly get rid of asbestos. People should only hire state-licensed, professional and insured businesses to perform asbestos abatement fort lauderdale work.

The best professional asbestos removal companies do not cut corners or try to perform their work on the cheap. Instead, they follow proper guidelines to minimize the risk of asbestos exposure for both their employees and their clients. They handle asbestos with extreme care and make sure to properly dispose of the substance.

Exposure to asbestos can cause numerous health complications, including respiratory conditions and different forms of cancer. Experts have estimated that asbestos kills thousands of people each year.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Asbestos can Contaminate Soil, Endangering People in Affected Areas

Soil contaminated with asbestos poses serious dangers to people's health.
In numerous cases, across South Florida and around the world, asbestos remediation companies have had to extract asbestos from contaminated grounds. Asbestos, a well-known carcinogen that occurs naturally in certain locations, became a heavily-used building material during the 20th Century because of its resistance to fire, sound-proofing characteristics and insulation properties. Numerous industries also used asbestos. However, years or even decades later, asbestos in the environment can put people’s health at risk. In some locations, asbestos in the soil can make potential building sites unsuitable and unsafe for development. Prior to developing properties, general contractors should have the grounds tested for asbestos. Businesses that perform asbestos removal miami work can eliminate asbestos from construction sites across Miami-Dade County, including locations like North Miami, Hialeah, Little Havana, Doral, Coral Gables, Miami Beach and Homestead.

Previous industries and activities, including mining and manufacturing as well as illegal dumping, can render lands in Palm Beach County and beyond unsafe due to asbestos contamination. Top asbestos abatement palm beach firms can clean up contaminated sites in locations like the Acreage, Greenacres, Boca Raton, Wellington, West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, getting rid of asbestos in the ground and in the water. Property owners can hire state-licensed and insured asbestos remediation firms to test for the presence of asbestos in dirt and bodies of water on their properties.

Asbestos exposure, especially over long periods of time, can cause permanent damage to people’s lungs and other organs, and lead to life-threatening health conditions like mesothelioma and stomach cancer. The substance becomes especially dangerous when its microscopic fibers get inhaled or ingested by unsuspecting victims. Children who play outdoors in contaminated areas may get exposed to asbestos, leading to health problems years or even decades after exposure. Other health problems associated with asbestos exposure include asbestosis, wheezing and lung cancer.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Asbestos Poses Health Risks in Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings may contain harmful asbestos in ceilings and other areas.
In cities across South Florida, asbestos in aging apartment buildings may put the health of residents at risk. Apartments in cities like Hollywood, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach built before the 1980s likely contain asbestos in ceilings, walls and other areas, as construction companies used this building material for decades due to its resistance to fire, soundproofing characteristics and other advantages. However, apartment superintendents today may want to take measures to eliminate asbestos from their buildings, as this substance can cause numerous health problems. Apartment managers can hire businesses that perform asbestos removal miami work to properly and safely get rid of asbestos from apartment buildings in North Miami, Miami Beach, Little Havana and other parts of the city.

Licensed companies that provide asbestos abatement fort lauderdale services can safely eliminate asbestos from apartment buildings, condos, apartment buildings, schools, office buildings and other structures in Fort Lauderdale and other neighboring cities. People who live or work in older buildings in places like Pompano Beach, Hollywood, Coral Springs, Margate, Wilton Manors, Sunrise and Plantation may want to have the structures tested for asbestos to avoid unwanted exposure to this toxic material.

Apartments that have deteriorating ceilings, walls or flooring can expose tenants to asbestos, potentially jeopardizing their health. Asbestos becomes particularly dangerous as it breaks down. People can easily and unwittingly ingest or inhale its microscopic fibers. The ingestion or inhalation of asbestos fibers over time can lead to various forms of cancer as well as major respiratory problems. Asbestos victims can suffer cancers of the stomach, lungs, esophagus and other organs. Children, who are more likely to place objects in their mouths, may swallow asbestos fibers that have landed on objects.

For professional assistance in getting rid of asbestos in apartments, houses or other structures, hire a qualified, licensed and insured asbestos remediation south florida contractor.