Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hire Asbestos Professionals to Test for and Eliminate Asbestos

Known to cause malignant forms of cancer and respiratory diseases, asbestos has caused health problems for people across the country and around the world due to its presence in houses, office buildings, courthouses, apartment buildings, condominiums and other structures. For decades, builders and construction companies used asbestos extensively in single-family homes, warehouses, shopping centers, strip malls and other structures because of the positive attributes of the substance, such as its fire resistance, soundproofing and other qualities. A large percentage of structures built before the 1980s, when its use largely phased out, could contain asbestos. Unfortunately, this means that many homes and workplaces across South Florida may have this dangerous carcinogen in ceilings, flooring, walls and other areas. South Florida businesses and residents can turn to professional asbestos testing south florida firms to determine whether their residences and premises bear this harmful material.

Its widespread use in the building of all kinds of structures means that asbestos could potentially threaten the health of people living in all areas of South Florida, including Miami-Dade County, Broward County locations like Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood and Palm Beach County cities like Delray Beach, Jupiter, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. Although asbestos often does not affect people’s health, and many people can live in asbestos-laden homes for years without adverse health effects, the substance can rear its ugly head and cause severe health problems for people during renovations, demolitions and remodeling projects. Such instances can allow asbestos fibers to get released into the air. Prior to renovations and remodeling projects, people may want to hire asbestos abatement broward companies to find and remove this hazardous substance.

People in South Florida should only hire licensed and accredited asbestos firms to perform this type of work. Licensed by the state, these businesses have to meet professional standards and criteria to stay in business.