Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lead a Health Danger in Schools Across the Country

Many schools across the country have tested positive for high lead levels.
Reports about elevated lead levels at schools across the country have alarmed public health advocates, teachers, school administrators and parents. Young children face increased risks of developing serious health problems due to exposure to lead from lead water pipes, lead paint and other sources. Routine tests of the water in water fountains in a handful of schools have revealed elevated lead levels. Since the water crisis in Flint, Mich., many people have paid more attention to lead poisoning and lead exposure. Although lead water pipes do not necessarily represent a danger to South Florida residents, they could endanger the health of people in other parts of the country. People in South Florida places like West Palm Beach, Miami, Boca Raton, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale who suspect that they have lead poisoning can contact top lead remediation south florida businesses across the area to address this potential health hazard.

Companies that offer lead abatement services for public buildings in Miami like schools, libraries and courthouses can help to alleviate concerns about lead levels in such facilities. Administrators and other public officials can ensure the safety of students, employees and the general public by hiring licensed lead removal miami companies to treat the pipes and prevent lead from leaching into the water. In the case of lead-based paints, these companies professionally and safely remove the paint from affected surfaces.

Lead can cause severe health problems for people of all ages. Many health professionals consider any level of lead exposure harmful. Young children can experience developmental delays and permanent
damage to their digestive systems, nervous systems and muscular-skeletal systems. Many children exposed to lead also have behavioral problems. Adults exposed to lead may have a wide range of systems, including constipation, headaches, depression, forgetfulness, nausea, infertility, memory loss, fatigue, abdominal pain and irritability.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Companies Should Account for Asbestos Before Demolishing Structures

Many older buildings contain asbestos, which can
contaminate surrounding areas during demolition.
In the name of promoting development and progress, numerous communities and municipalities encourage people and companies to renovate and develop properties and parcels of land that have fallen into disrepair. Vacant and foreclosed properties represent missed opportunities for cities to increase their tax bases as well as blights that may scare away potential investors and residents. In many cases, builders will want to “demo” existing buildings and build anew from the ground up. However, demolishing older structures, particularly ones built prior to the 1980s, may lead to asbestos contamination, as many buildings and homes constructed before 1980 likely contain asbestos. Builders across South Florida can hire asbestos remediation firms to eliminate asbestos from buildings in Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and other locations. Businesses that perform asbestos abatement miami work can ensure that asbestos does not get spread during the demolition process.

Asbestos can cause serious harm to people’s health, especially if exposed to asbestos fibers over an extended duration. Researchers and health experts have indisputably linked asbestos exposure to the development of cancer, particularly mesothelioma. Other diseases linked to asbestos exposure include asbestosis and lung cancer. Even short-term exposure to asbestos can cause breathing complications, coughing and shortness of breath.

A number of cities and municipalities have developed guidelines and regulations that require developers and general contractors to address potential asbestos within structures and in the ground prior to tearing down old structures and constructing new buildings. Broward County, for instance, requires builders to comply with federal standards and complete pertinent forms. Developers in the area can turn to asbestos removal fort lauderdale companies for help in eliminating asbestos from structures and the ground and complying with local rules and laws. Such firms help builders protect the health of their employees, the safety of surrounding communities and the health of future occupants.